Negiword tracer's a hitscan? AİTSCANI yes HITSCANI dva's a hitscan too InYourEndOh so is monkey Negiword it was a tethorical question Negiword retho* HiFŠCÄNI monkey isn't hitscan since he doesn't shoot bullets HIFŠCÄNI monkey fires a cone in front of him that has that electricity particle effect InYourEndOh hitscan cone Ducklingl anything that's not projectile is hitscan Duckling mei is hitscan HiFŠCÄNI nope Ducklingl HIFŠCÄNI i develop games dude HITSCANIi know wtf im talking about Duckling Imao InYourEndOh Imao HIFSCÄN hitscan is based on RAYCASTS HITSCANI RAYCASTS give you instant information on whether something is in the way or not Ducklingl idgaf what it's based off of Ducklingl if it's not fking projectile HIFŠCÄNI a CONE in front of a character that activates Duckling and it hits instantaniously HIFSCÄN is NOT hitscan Ducklingl it's hitscan Negiword wow HITSCANI nope HITŠCANI it's not InYourEndOh widow has limited rang InYourEndOh it's like a really long cylinder InYourEndOh not hitscan then HIFSCÄNI its not xD HIFŠCÄNI dude HITSCÄNI if you do NOT know wtf you're on about HITSCANI better to just be quiet InYourEndOh Imao HİTSCANI it's a RAYCAST Duckling It's more like you think you know it all xD sabsab fsss HIFSCÄN because I do Ducklingl rhamverysmart HIFŠCÄNI ive been developing games since 2011 Duckling good for you PİTŠCANI and have programming knowledge since about 2006 Negiword Imao Duckling such etos Ducklingl much wow HITSCANI HTMLPHPMySQLCSSC#Javas InYourEndOh yeah i've actuallly created a yugi oh online game since 2002 so thats 16 years of computer experience HİTSCANI all languages ive learned HITSCANI you didn't inyourend FİTŠCANI you're a fucking retard Ducklingl lol HIFŠCÄNI you can't create anything InYourEndOh what about the language of social interaction InYourEndOh did u learn that HITSCÄN nope HITSCANI because I hate humanity HiFŠCANI so i talk however i want to Ducklingl hope your complex fades when you mature a bit AA HIFŠCÄNI dont need to mature HIFSCÄNI im 28 lol HITSCANI i outrank you in every way After he gave some advice to a player and refused to say what his rank was InYourEndOh don't trust hitscan he might be silver HiFŠCÄNI i love the assumptions HiFŠCÄNI you're such a fucking 15 year old I met a game developer while playing overwatch Meme

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