Neighborhood Association September 18 at 209 AM As it is the wee morning hours I wanted to give my neighbors a heads up For about 6 months we have found animal crap in the same spot in our side yard every single morning and I am tired of cleaning it up If you have an outdoor cat or a small dog you let out unleashed to do its business in the very early morning hours near please be alerted that wee now have cameras and are about to set out traps Whatever we catch will be sent immediately to the shelter no I will not take it to be scanned for a chip and if it is a repeat offender it will be a repeat visitor to the shelter If it is an irresponsible pet owner who doesn't feel like cleaning up after their pet and I catch you on camera you are now on notice that I will post your photo on all of the neighborhood pages without hesitation We are not cat people and are responsible dog owners who clean up after our dog We respect our neighbors and our neighborhood and don't think it's too much to expect the same in return Cat dog raccoon or opossum I'm over it Our neighborhood is not a litter box Please clean up after your pets! לך Likeי and 96 others Cat shit crazy Meme

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