Neil Henderson @hendopolis Follow A 16 year old has written a thought provoking letter to the Times this morning pictwittercomg3eUhirnnz わReply Retweeted ★Favorite More Annoyed Sir I am getting increasingly annoyed at the barrage of articles about teenagers and the adults who keep trying to explain our behaviour Moods and meltdowns what's inside the teenage brain? Mar 1 I am 16 and a straight-A student like most of my friends We are not as irrational and immature as adults seem to think We've grown up with financial crises and accept that most of us will be unemployed We no longer flinch at bloody images of war because we've grown up seeing the chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere Most of us are cynical and pessimistic because of the environment we've grown up in which should be explanation enough for our apparent insolence and disrespect without experts having to write articles about it Has no one ever seen that we are angry at the world we live in? Angry that we will have to clean up your mess while you hold us in contempt analysing our responses as though we were another species? I would like adults to treat us not as strange creatures from other world but as human beings with intelligent thought - a little different from yours perhaps but intelligent thought nonetheless Stop teaching adults how to behave around us and instead teach them to respect us Jenni Herd Kilmarnock E Ayrshire raeseddon tiffanarchy 0nechoice THANK YOU JENNI HERD dang Jenni GO OFF Teenages Treat us like people New York Times What does this perplexing creature want from us? We may never know Meme

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