NERDY @nerdyasians american history books have forgotten her but susan ahn cuddy was the first female gunnery officer of any ethnicity in the us navy she joined the navy in 1942 and served until 1946 reaching the rank of lieutenant she really deserves to be remembered s NAVY After the war Cuddy continued to blaze trails In 1947 she defied her mother and married a white man defying anti-miscegenation laws in Virginia where she lived at the time and marrying on base instead Cuddy became an intelligence officer breaking codes for the Navy and later joined the NSA where she ran a think tank of 300 linguists and other experts gathering Russian intelligence In 2012 her son recalled that her travels took her to the segregated South where she would sit in the back of the bus with black people Cuddy’s gesture was one of solidarity—as her son explained her light skin color and her Korean features confused people she met in the South By using “colored” bathrooms and complying with racial segregation laws Cuddy was making a statement about her race and supporting those who did not have a choice http-timecom-4314308-susan-cuddy-history- Meme

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