NETS MADE BY SPIDERS FED ON DRUG-DOSED FLIES web of a spider on LSD web of a spider on mescaline web of a spider on hashish web of a spider on caffeine soulfreeisthewaytobe how cool is this Can we talk about how they drugged spiders Maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee and do LSD isntead How is the LSD web the only one that isn't fucked up LSD i must dive into the center into the center the abyss to paradise each thread is another me in another universe and we all go to a central goal into the darkness thats a rainbow the threads speak to me we all go toward the center if i go sideways i will DIE can't go sideways musn't go sideways i will only go through the center ok good through the center and all is well inhales exhales 3 hours later in the center of spiderweb stares blankly into the void MESCALINE dude idk i mean life is just so beautiful you know nature is as precise as this web i'm making and i am but one strand oh my god OH MY GOD forgets about building web and cries after witnessing a double rainbow HASH dude i am so focused right now don't bother me dawg im buildin this web it's gotta be perfect fuck im hungry hey yo is that a fy? CAFFEINE WEBI web! WEB! web! WEB! WEB! webweb! WEBI WEB! WEBBI WEB WEB WEB WEB! WEB! WEB WEB WEB WEB! WEB! WEB WEB! WEB! WEB! This just got better 171766 notes What the spiders were actually thinking Meme

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