New changes coming2Inbox x Marketplacetf <news@marketplacetfUnsubscribe to me 735 PM 48 minutes ago Marketplacetf New changes coming3 Hey lilsmash1313 You big gay! lilismash 1313 Support I Unsubscribse Reply Forward Marketplacetf news@marketplacetf Unsubacrib to me 51 PM 38 minutes ago Marketplacetf Well that was a mistake Hey lilsmash1313 You may have recently received an email from us containing an inappropriate and meaningless message This was intended to be sent solely to our internal development staff as a test of a mailing list change unfortunately it may have been sent to you as well The message in the email has no excuse and we are extremely apologetic for accidentally sending it to you It represents absolutely no legitimate feelings or animosity by any developer or staff member at Marketplacetf and was written by one developer to themselves -not ever intended to be seen by another human being It does not reflect any personal viewpoints held by said developer We understand that this is not an e-mail you wanted to receive from us and it is certainly not one we want to have sent There is an unsubscribe link in the footer of this email that will prevent all future communications from Marketplacetf that are not directly related to your account you will be opting out of marketing emails Meme

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