New Muscle Discovered! Tensor of RF RF TVI Vastus VI Intermedius VMO VMO @drjacob harden Old Model New Model 2 Belly Independent Common VL Type Type rype Type Grob et al A newly discovered muscle The tensor of the vastus intermedius Journal Clinical Anatomy 2016 WE'VE DISCOVERED A NEW MUSCLE! Traditional models of the quadriceps have forever shown 4 muscles 🔼Rectus Femoris 🔼Vastus Lateralis VL 🔼Vastus Intermedius VI 🔼Vastus Medialis Obliquus VMO But in 2016 a study by Grob et al the researchers discovered and named a 5th muscle in the quadriceps group 😲 the TENSOR OF VASTUS INTERMEDIUS The study dissected 26 cadavers and in each one they found the 5th quadriceps muscle They also found that there were 4 types depending on where the tendon fused Independent type VI type VL type and Common type There was also a variation found with two muscle bellies as you can see above It originates on the front of the greater trochanter of the femur with a small muscle belly and then extends a long tendon that joins into the 🕸 fascia between the VI and VL before layering deep into the quad tendon The function of the muscle is not fully known yet but what we do know is that it tenses the distal tendon of the VI and makes the VI line of pull to be more towards the ↗↖ midline like that of the VMO I think it's amazing that our knowledge of the 💀 human body continues to grow and change We know so much but still have so much left to learn Tag your favorite 🤓 Myonerd and share the wealth! ScienceIsCool AlwaysLearning Myodetox Meme

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