NEW YORK's FINES NYPD ON DE BLASIO SANCTUARY CITY POLICY This thug-loving cop-hating mayor De Blasioj has got to go along with the thug-loving cop hating governor I'd love to see Jeff Sessions indict both of them for obstruction of justice sincethey won't enforce immigration laws Nobody called cops soft on crime They called the City and NYPD leadership soft on crime because of their narrow minded and illadvised declaration that NYC is now a sanctuary for those who willingly refuse to obey the law The Attorney General has every right to hold back federal funds if the mayor himself is violating federal law and interfering or obstructing the federal government in enforcing immigration law Former NYPD Comm Bernard Kerik All you have to do is get off the train at Penn Station and you can see how soft law enforcement is on crime because of that jackass De BlasioWE the police are not but itseems every week his administration comes out with something that helps the bad guys and not the good ones FOR MORE >>> httpbitly2pTtp46 NYC Police Union Chief Slams De Blasio And NYPD Leadership AG Sessions Is Right Read more httpdailycallercom20170422nyc-police-union-chief-slams-de-blasio-and-nypd-leadership-ag-sessions-is-right#ixzz4f4yWw1l4 As AG Sessions is dropping the hammer on sanctuary cities New York Mayor came out defending the policy using the NYPD as his ruse The rank and file of New York's finest however not only disagree with their mayor they find his leadership incompetent and anti-law enforcement The officers quoted in The Daily Caller are NOT in favor of sanctuary cities and support the Trump administration's new stance #NYPD #SanctuaryCity #DeBlasio #JeffSessions #FlyoverORIGINAL Meme

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