NEWLY REVISED AND UPDATED 14000 things tobe about THE HAPPY BO0K by BARBARA ANN KIPFER exploring a city at a browser's pace gedsolid outdoor exercise or yardwork de gurgle of running water Pcini and pasta your underlip analyticalness shrink-wrap you can open easily turning off all the lights during a first royalty check pushing car lighters in Arkansas strawberries the point on a potato chip where it breaks thunderstorm a tutorial when you need it finding a café having a cup of coffee and off and stays behind in the dip suction cups on bath mats athing whose name one forgets a snack then organizing your purse and cell phone an armchair in the sun does not know or prefers not to mention a gray flannel skirt and navy blazer lots of books a good bed lamp vases of flowers in the room Post-its the ultimate answer to life the universe isolated country estate atmosphere foam bath toys the joy and contentment of listening to and everything in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galay book dimbing Mount Katadhin Rubber Duckie sung by Ernie favorite music brightening someone's day wearing your new outfit Wh Jim Henson reflection and reasoning parasol-sheltered tables en any real progress is made we unlearn and learn anew what we thought we knew before Henry David Thoreau yellow bug lights spotless chefs whites GPS in your car and on your phone white shutters attempted feedings of children reading bodv language The Gra envisic the d a trip to the old neighborhood the sweet and simple indulgence of an afternoon nap sewing name tags on clothes taking an art appreciation course at a movie ır retirement museum ult on a pregnancy test 453 cab services that sho synonyms packets of cotton bal picture books stacke the intoxicating smell of bacon frying in the morning John Lennon and Paul McCartney chair in the livir social skills a cake laced with apple slivers and served songwriters soda-pop cans and rings a rainy-days-were-meant-to-be-spooky with sticky butterscotch sauce plan waiting rooms being a pilot the happiness of heading home licorice watching someone take a nap a snowshoer in the winter woods bobbing for apples tie stickpins the country viewed through a curtain of accompaniment coconut and Christmas palms gardenias ixora crotons and dieffenbachia duck-egg blue exchanging enlightening interests face creams that soothe kidnapping your lover midday repast riding a roller coaster cathedral ceilings andirons and fireplaces beds of nails hide-and-seek open-air flower markets shell mobiles steaming mugs of coffee the flashy robust season of fall whitefish baked in wine the glint and glitter of frost crystals in warm summer rain taking on exquisite watercolor tints from smoky blue to tarnished silver when no day is Friday the 13th being too busy to notice three-ring binders when traveling taking twice the money and half the clothes you think you'll need when you think you're a kid again West Side Story movie cleaning out your wallet makeup case the air dancing like diamond dust in the sunlight and pocketbook brand new Ticonderoga pencils running backs 317 316 novelty-gift-ideas 14000 Things to Be Happy About Meme

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