NEWS IN BRIEF A TrueHunt 6 points 1 day ago* This sub is full of people that get the joke and are joking alo with it I feel likeI could post replies on the onion sub and if Little Validated this sub didn't realize what sub it came from you'd upvote it After Daughter Mother Feels A Who Stayed Out Edit httpwwwredditcomrAteTheOnioncommentscg401 Late Gets Murdered fucking savage tested it 111518 259pm SEE MORE FAMILY Fucking savage iimgurcom 70 3 comments AteTheOnion 1 day ago by TrueHunt share hide comments save Share Tweet e22 points 6 months ago As a parent I understand 4 points 6 months ago Not when they get murdered but any time one of my kids finds troubles from ignoring my warnings or advice I feel little validated 20 points 6 months ago Fucking savage Ryan @Integrity Guy A TrueHunt 1 point 3 weeks ago* Is prequelmemes now just posting any tweet or meme and then have a prequel quote underneath as a reaction? If you fucked up in school you had to meet the teacher after class fuck up Edit tested it Just grabbed a random meme from meirl and added a quote as a reaction httpwwwredditcomrPrequelMemescommentsc7ny7r not_from_a_jedi more and you had to meet with the principal In 2004 I used this strategy the chain of comma go all the ay Not from a Jedi imgurcom and meet George W Bush 4991 24 comments Prequel Memes 71618 729 AM 3 weeks ago by TrueHunt I'm going to be a madlad by submitting my own madladdiness I pointed out some quality issues in a few subs and backed it up by posting what I suggested to the sub Meme

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