NIC Nick Andersen @nicktheandersen a giant unidentified dead thing is decomposing off the coast of the indonesian island of seram and nobody knows what is thegreatgodess flowerlygirls noisilyluckyartisan weavemama rawr-reptar icedyuris weavemama THIS IS WHY I DON’T TRUST THE OCEAN we’ve explored more of space than the ocean… Are there any links to this like ???? yeah this recently happened so news sources are talking abt it httpwwwbusinessinsidercomdisgusting-mysterious-sea-monster-washed-up-on-an-island-in-indonesia-2017-5 httpwwwtelegraphcouknews20170512massive-creature-washes-indonesias-serum-island httpwwwhuffingtonpostcomentrymassive-sea-creature-indonesia-island_us_5915e11ee4b0031e737d59ae httpwwwdailymailcouknewsarticle-4498088Giant-squid-carcass-washes-remote-Indonesian-beachhtml httpmashablecom20170512huge-rotting-sea-creature-indonesia#JBYbrAVXlOqj It’s bloody and has numerous wounds It is believed that It got into a fight with something bigger i do not like the words “something bigger” in this context WHAT IS THAT Meme

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