NICKEL ELODEON mrfistsalad Nickelodeon Studios Sign above Nickelodeon Studios Sign post-Dan Schneider below mechutha Doesn't dan Schneider have a confirmed foot fetish remember that time dan schneider known foot fetishist and creator of shows such as drake & josh icarly and zoey 101 used the official sam and cat twitter account to crowdsource footporn under the guise of social marketing Sam and Cat SAM & CAT TOMORROW! Write on the bottom of ur foot take a pic and use #SAMandCA「Saturday we'll RT and follow until our fingers get sore! 618pm- 13 Sep 13 Dan Schneider @DanWarp Pic! Carly tickles Sam's very unusual toes! If you have a moment will you please NAME Sam's toes for us? http twitpiccom3zfe4 42509 334 PM 3 Retweets 4 Likes Dan Schneider Little @ArianaGrande from @Victorious smiles at one of her co-star's feet! But WHOSE FOOT IS IT? httptwitpiccom 102rfp Dan Schneider is on Facebook To connect with Dan Schneider join Facebook today Log In Dan Schneider Pic! This TOE belongs to one of the stars of one of my shows WHOSE TOE IS THIS Timeline Photos Aug 31 2012- eet HungryGirl Do you want to go for a drve? Do you want to go into our room your feet DVRO I ub your feat klubbhead UGHI Y What the Childhoodruiner living up to their name Nickelodeons Dan Schneiders foot fetish Meme

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