Nida @enidajahaj Being a waitress was my worst job to this day I his one bitch complained about a milkshake that 'wasn't made correctly' so l transferred the same milkshake into a different cup with a new straw and she said it was 'much better' Imao bye Zu @ghetto004 Ppl that work in food are braver than the marines I SALUTE you Retail is hell but foodnow that's hell x100 I could never I'd choke somebody Show this thread never forget when i was working as a waitress and a woman told ME off because her eggs were “so raw they would give her salmonella” first of all WAITRESSES DONT COOK!! also they were poached eggs and were imo quite overcooked it was more solid than liquid the chef cooked her another egg and it was literally as thoroughly cooked as possible but she still pushed it to the side of her plate and wasted the whole thing Meme

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