niftyshadesofjake niftyshadesofjake Jake 27 Jake 27 O less than a mile away O less than a mile away We may fight but please don't try and solve the argument with regular soda It won't take racial inequality to get me down on one knee I prefer diet we both know you are all the sugar I need niftyshadesofjake University of Southern California niftyshadesofjake Scottsdale Arizona USC CLASS OF 2022 3401 FRESHME 0% ganted Ethically granted admission APPLICATIO Jake 29 Jake 28 O less than a mile away less than a mile away I'm not a celebrity I don't have $500000 to help I'm having trouble picking a costume Want to help? my future children become trojans at USC I am a gentlemen I have $50 for dinner to ethically boost my chances of getting a trojan into you Swipe left if you are a fan of ghosting Swipe right if you are a fan of getting boned niftyshadesofjake Scottsdale Arizona niftyshadesofjake Scottsdale Arizona let 6'0 A Caded in 5'6 5'0 your cave of wonders POLICE DEPT 4'6 480 627-9186 4'0 Yes Please Jake Arredondo 3'6 Jake 29 Jake 29 O less than a mile away O less than a mile away Tired of guys lying about their height? Here is government proof I am at least 6ft I promise that it will take more than a few rubs for anything to come out of my magic lamp For our first date you cook our dinner and I will cook the meth niftyshadesofjake niftyshadesofjake Scottsdale Arizona You ok Jake 29 Still Single O less than a mile away Jake 27 As a born-again virgin 3-month dry spell I can relate to the current bachelor I was feeling 22 but really I am 27 and should probably start taking dating seriously Swipe right I too am willing to wait on putting the Pin the V until I am sure about you and me Swipe right to fill the blank space in my heart If you aren't looking for a love story baby just swipe left This is the first one I had ever created bad quality This joke took 1000+ hours to máke niftyshadesofjake et niftyshadesofjake Hmargemadderscom Make America Accessible Again Jake 24 Jake 29 O less than a mile away About Jake I am 50% hispanic so our love could very well be separated by Trump's wall This is why I am proud to announce my new company Largeladderscom If we are to go on a date you must wear sandals No socks I am pro house elf slavery and i cannot risk gving my elf his freedom Furthermore ifu need me to drive I will have dobby pull me on my scooter and you may ride pigty-back style I do this for the envronment Bring your nice flip flops if you want me to pay for dinner Political oppression might keep us down but with my new ladder company I will have a way to climb right back into your arms It’s the end of a decade I’m close to 100 profiles Here are my favorites from the last 6 years of making them Meme

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