Night chapters 1-3 1 Describe Moshe the Beadle and his relationship with Elie 2 Upon his return what story does Moshe tell? What is the town's reaction? 3 Describe the Jewish community's denial Give at least two examples from the text 4 What are edicts? Explain two edicts that are forced on the Jewish community 5 Describe the deportation What were conditions like on the cattle car? What happened on Elie's car? Be as specific as possible 6 How has the relationship between Elie and his father changed? 7 Elie and his father must lie in order to pass selection What do they lie about? 8 What types of people do not pass selection? 9 Name one internal conflict Elie has in Chapter 3 10 How do the SS identify the Jewish prisoners? a Credit t is Elie's new name? Our new teacher wrote our test in freaking comic sans Meme

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