nightbringer117: shieldmaiden19: warriormale: pardonmewhileipanic: anaisnein: arrghigiveup: bonehandledknife: inthroughthesunroof: northeast-artist98: wizardshark: lionhearrt: theorthodoxknight: Traditional Georgian dancing. date a man who i cannot even imagine how fit these people are they could kick my ass they could kick muhammad ali’s ass Let me show you the Aggression of my people… through dance. If your dance doesn’t require knee pads and posing en pointe it isn’t worth doing. @dadvans I feel like you can do Things with this So the last time I reblogged this, someone reblogged from me with a comment along the lines of “wait till you see them with swords”. So I went to search it up, and… guys. GUYS. There are actual sparks flying holy shit =O this went big about halfway through holy shit It really did. When the swords started REALLY connecting around 3:20 literal sparks are flying Warrior dancing! WarriorMale The official dance group of Georgia (I don’t remember their name) has said they exist both to represent Georgia to the world and to heal Georgia through dance. They are inspirational and definitely some of the best dancers in the world. Other Georgia needs to step up their game.