NIGHTLY Neil deGrasse let me ask you very directly andIwant a scientific answer Do aliens exist and why are they so into butt'stuff? There are surely aliens elsewhere in the universe You believe in aliens? It's not a matter of belief COMEDY C1vaN3 You look at the evidence and the evidence shows the universe is vast It's been around a long time We are not made of special ingre Our ingredients are everywhere in the universe w t would be inexcusably egocentric to suggest that we are alone in the cosmosOMEDY C Butthat is a separate statement from saying we have been visited by dliens giving rectal exams It's a completely different statement I'm worried that we have been visited by aliens but they sort of accidentally landed in San Diego during Comic-Con and nobody noticedcoMEDY lolzandtrollz Neil deGrasse Talks About Aliens Meme

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