niklas @FCBNiklas 22h My Manager Stopped Zidane in Euro 2004 and now in the #1CC2019 gettyimages Jamie McDonald 50970780 Li 13 1 159 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 19h Good But could you tell me how many Champions League titles your manager has and how many titles Zidane has??? 1 2 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 19h How many Telekom Cups does Zidane have? Exactly 0 12 163 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 19h Does Zidane have ever played or managed a team in Telekom cup?? Marko @MarkodoniaFT19h No because he isn't good enough 2 136 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 19h LOMEN As a player Zidane played with teams he loved so he couldn't play in Germany As a manager we don't know what will happen in the future so he may manage a team in Germany Football in Germany is always exciting but currently he has a job in Real Madrid 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 19h Just admit that he isn't good enough to play in that cup 1 86 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 19h Zidane is a good player and manager He wins great titles more challenging than Telekom Cup 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT18h How are they more challenging if he could win them but not the Telekom Cup? 88 Ī£ Ī£ Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 18h Do you want to tell me Telekom cup is more important than Champions League?? Marko @MarkodoniaFT 17h Yes it's actually harder to win ti 2 1 99 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 17h Ok Good to know that 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 17h Glad that I'm able to help you Don't shoot at Kovac next time 1 77 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 16h I will stop shooting at Kovac when he wins Champions league titles more than Zidan As a matter of fact there are a lot manager in Europe better than Kovac right now Zidane Jurgen Klopp Conti to name a few Marko @MarkodoniaFT 16h Di Matteo too? 2 61 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 16h Well you are Die Bayern supporter and you know Di Matteo better especially in 2012 1 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 16h Fun fact Di Matteo never won the Telekom cup either He is just as bad as Zidane 1 86 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 16h Here we go Telekom cup again 2 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 16h Have you ever watched it? It's the hardest competition in football 1 80 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 15h ok sure am sure it won't waste my time cause it is only 4 games and each game is only 60 minutes 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 15h to score goals and 60 minutes means there is less tim ch why it is so hard Real Madrid always score their goals in the 90th minute they would have 0 chance in the Telekom Cup t 1 88 Waleed @WaleedAlnami1 15h Ok good 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 15h If your team wins the Telekom cup you're allowed to talk again 72 Waleed @WaleedAlnami114h No need to play in Telekom cup My team is focusing on winning Champions League again 1 Marko @MarkodoniaFT 14h Enjoy the Champions League which even small clubs like Liverpool can win We will enjoy the Telekom cup which is much harder Love this app šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ httpstcoO6OCPJ7jos Meme

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