NO Although I wanted to know what Dad meant by that Im afraid it was his time I looked at the God of Bruh Moments Do it I said with slight regret in my action GREG WHY? IM SORRY DAD IT HAD TO BE DONE BRUL And there he was The God of Bruh Moments appeared WELL I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERENT WORTHY ENOUGH I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAYS I watched as his body reduced to nothing but ashes I felt a little'remorse but I couldn't how Mom Manny and Rodrick would imagine GREG LISTEN TO ME YOU CAN'T TRUST THE GOD OF BRU MOMENTS HE ISN'T WHO YOU THINK HE I react I remember Dad'had a wrong probably in there diary so whatever about the God of Bruh Moments was THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GET RID OF HIM GREG I COULDNT HAVE KILLED HIM WITHOUT A GOOD REASON SILENCE MORTAL DON'T REMEMBER HIS LAST WORDS I WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE YOU CAN TRUST ME The Bruh Pass PART 4 Meme

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