no hOodrich to put a long story short I was trying to kill time and I'm walking thru times sq gross and I walked by the church of Scientology and they were giving free personality tests so I'm like 'this is going 2 b so funny' and I go in and everyone looks at me and they're all like following me w their eyes like it was SCARY and they sit me down there's triangles everywhere it looked like some illuminati hq and I'm taking this test that's like 200 q's that are asking the same 6 questions with weird wording and I hear the lady on the phone behind me 'hi this is Beth from the church you haven't called back I'm worried it's crucial to ur growth that you contact us you need to call us I can't emphasize it enough you will not recover if you don't call us we need you to call immediately thank you xoxo Scientology and I'm like damn she's mad thirsty anyways I finish and this other woman takes me upstairs and leads me into this 4x3 ft room and there's 8 chairs and a projector and I sit down and it's DARK and she's like 'do u know dianetics ' and I'm like kinesthetics? like excercise?anyway so I'm sitting in this HOT ASS little room and I'm like it's so dark and so hot they're pumping some sort of gas in here to brainwash me I feel woozy the walls are closing in jk but this video has the production value of a middle school sex Ed movie with acting skills that would make degrassi look Oscar worthy I'm in there alone for like 20 minutes and I'm CRYING from laughing like I felt crazy also there was no knob on the inside ski was ready for the chair to strap down my wrists or for a trap door to open and me to fall thru finally she opens the door and she's like time 2 evaluate I'm ready to kartwheel over her and jump out the window to escape bc it was TOO MUCH too much I'm like '1 have work in 20 minutes I need to go' and it's like everyone in the building heard me bc they all cocked their heads and looked at me I was ready to fight EVERYBODY me vs the church so she takkes me down stairs and this lady starts showing me this chart and she's like hmm interesting and we get to talking and she's like I like you I'm not supposed to say that tho' and I was like oand she's telling me how my depression and nervousness levels are so low they're off the chartand she's like 'let me read ur trait descriptions' and she starts going OFF she's like 'ur untrustworthy unreliable extremely unstable ur ugly ur timbs are dusty' l'm jk about the last two but she's like RIPPING THE HAIR OUT MY HEAD I was so ready to cal my mom and be like 'I need to you come fight this woman' so I'm sitting there acting mad intrigued like hmmm I didn't know I was such a garbage bag of a human thank u for telling me! and she's basically like if u don't take these 3 $100 classes and buy this $25 book you're not going to get better and if you don't get better you'll die' and I'm like LISTEN I need to leave and she's like you didn't give a last name or phone number and I had my phone in my hand with 911 already dialed so I couldn't lie and say I didn't have one I was like 'l don't like phone calls' and I went to like run out and everyone's FOLOOWING ME with their eyes I was rEADY TO FIGHt li razy 88's WITHOUT the om RUNNING and mile per hour awa you coming back' *picture a pai ng a me ud of dust left i me screaming t op of my lungs ime SCI ogl sts I did ng story short c Long story shortomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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