NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED TO HOLD POWER OVER A NATION FOR THIS LONG! LeahyHatch Durbin Roberts Cardin Shelby 83yo72yo81yo 73yo 83yo hf 30yrs 38yrs yrs ell Mccain Grassley Cochran schumer 83yo83y 75yo 80yo 66y 34yr 36yrs 38yrs 36 yrs TERM LIMITS WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP! No matter how bad Trump wants to drain the swamp it's not going to happen until we add a Term Limits Amendment to the Constitution Some will say That's what voting's for but that isn't going to cut it and the proof is in the last 30 years of elections where over 90% of Congress members were re-elected no matter how corrupt or incompetent they were Why? Because between the power of the polarized parties and the mountains of money from lobbyists who want to keep their puppets in office a challenger doesn't stand a chance Last election 58% didn't even have a challenger in the primaries It's time for We the People to step up and help Trump DRAIN THE SWAMP! wwwtermlimitsforuscongresscom Meme

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