No one has rated this review as helpful yet Recommended 104 hrs last two weeks104 hrs on record 98 hrs at review time Posted 3 Nov @ 118am Updated 15 Nov @ 315am very cool10 great visuals 3d pixel art is dope sounds is very a tmospheric gr8 gameplay i like that there aren't a lot of features overall but every detail is thought through to the max and how different enemies follow you in different ways sort of reminds me of pac mac in summary i like this doom themed pac man a lot EDIT day 32 I still couldn't get myself to exit the game my finger presses R automatically at this point I'm utterly addicted to the sound and visual effect of the second upgrade shrine farming is now a norm but now i got back to dying quite often right after the first spider since there around about 10 shrines around and my empty body whom sold its soul to the devil need to get to at least 150 seconds to satisfy itself for another few seconds until it inevitably strives for the next rush I bunny hop around my house to get food and satisfy my basic biological needs to continue playing more runs The FOV boost is now a part my visual perception of the world and every sound is now different pitches of the laughing skull The world became darker and cannot see past a few meters The symptoms are worrying me so I arranged an appointment with my doctor but it can wait until the next time i get the second upgrade My review of devil daggers Meme

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