No SIM 0906 161421841238041439621 Ak @aamykerr just found the texts from when I went into labour 3 e 1315 @ 35% D 003 oooo 3 1315 @ 35% D + JThas JT st seen today at 1 Chatsseen today at 1310 ast seen today at 1310 Wed 10 Dec jack 20-32 Wed 10 Dec Chill out fucking hell my waters just went 20-32 W my waters fuckin burst how am l gonna chill out I'm not even fucking kidding 2037 Because I'm sure it'll be fine for fuck sake what the fuck Omg what you gonna do 2032 fine? if I'm going into labour it ain't bloody fine!!? jack 2032 2039 ah ok sorry l'm panicking 2030 2033 Aw shit your water I'm calling mym granny has gone out 20 33 W I thought you meant like a tap hahahahahaha I'm to call the hospital 0-36 jack 20 w erm Hahahahahaha Sorry Oh fucking shit this is a panic 2038 Chill out fucking hell daily-cool-craptook him a while but he got it Meme

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