No SIM 1226 AM * 100% Let's steal the declaration of in-your- pants It'll be tough considering it's regarded as a national treasure Damn and here I was thinking this connection to be self- evident That all sex was created equal Let's make the preamble and form a more perfect Union I'm down It'll be our emancipation of sexual frustration just have four scores and twenty beers to go We'll have a night we'll never forget you'll remember it better than the Alamo Cum and Take It When and where Lmao this was actually a really impressive thread Yeah I know I was really enjoying it My next one was gonna be you be Yankee Doodle l'll be the pony but it seemed a little too corny Lmao I was running thin too Something like one small thrust for man one giant orgasm for her kind That one red white and blew my mind Moan softly and carry a big dick Ask not what her cuntry can do for you but what you can do for her cunt ry Ok I officially feel like a national disgrace Your message GIF AMERICA - FUCK YEAH literally Meme

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