North Korea USA DPRK locks people up for petty 660k people are arrested for marijuana every year reasons DPRK has concentration camps a drug less harmful than alcohol 40k people are in immigrant detention centers which are not regulated and are rife with neglect abuse uncleanliness etc DPRK is not a democracyThe legislative system is mostly controlled by rich people Not to mention voter suppression and gerrymandering are extremely common DPRK tortures people About 80k people are in solitary confinement which is considered torture by the UN People are starving in the DPRK 40 million people are food insecure DPRK restricts freedom of Peaceful protesters against the Dakota Access speech pipeline were cracked down on using force unlawfully arrested held in cages and treated inhumanely Found on rsocialism They are so brainwahed that they are supporting North Korea NORTH KOREA! The unduobtably worst country in the world Petty reasons yeah because killing or imprisoning your entire family because you said Kim was a twat is a petty reason this is ridicoulous BS 12 Meme

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