nos The Dutch Youtubers @Ties Granzier 20 and @govertsweep 21 swipe have been arrested when they tried area 51 in the American State in the American State these images were made by the local sheriff They have been able to put the congresswomen military base in the Netherlands According to the American Police they had a drone cameras and laptops in the car The police has watched the images that were the two made of the area The Dutch have been in the cell since Tuesday and are sued for the forbidden of forbidden terrain Granzier has more than 735000 subscribers on Youtube govert sweep over 300000 area 51 is a sts of the American Air Force There is a hint of because of rumors about aliens and UFO that would be saved there In July a facebookevent created in which people is for a storming of the area on the 20th of September More than two million people have signed up for it After a visit of the FBI the initiator took the event and it was changed in a festival near the location F to our fallen soldiers Meme

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