Notes July 22 2018 at 1046 AM I don't normally tweet on Sundays But today is special I'm flying to Puerto Rico right now where we'll announce the effort we're making on behalf of artists all over Puerto Rico Taking Hamilton to Puerto Rico in January 2019 allows us the opportunity to raise resources for art organizations and individual artists on the island Today we're launching the Flamboyán Arts Fund and announcing the first five grants Many artists and arts organizations on the island are under resourced others are barely making it but they do what they can to survive in spite of the economic situation in Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria My dad says that in Puerto Rico la gente hace de tripas corazones The Hamilton team my family and the Flamboyán Foundation have joined forces to do whatever we can in supporting the arts and all our proceeds from Hamilton's PR run will go towards this effort Notes Of course we continue our efforts on behalf of the long term recovery of Puerto Rico Hundreds of thousands of you from all over the world have helped Puerto Rico through our work with the Hispanic Federation which we started when Hurricane Maria hit the island almost a year ago Many other organizations and individuals on the island and abroad have been working hard as well It has taken all of us and it will take even more last week we learned in a report from FEMA itself that they had nothing on the ground back in September 2017 when Puerto Ricans needed the Federal assistance the most Soon this plane will reach the island and we'll still see a checkerboard of blue tarps dotting the landscape Temporary tarps instead of roofs 10 months later Another painful example of the work ahead No shortage of bad news But also no shortage of ways to do some good < Notes We are encouraged that this week a report called Reimagina set 97 recommendations that if implemented will create a more resilient Puerto Rico The report was launched by three major foundations after consultation with many voices on the island and in the diaspora We are proud of the advocacy work that so many have done and will continue to do through Power for Puerto Rico Amidst all these essential efforts our arts and culture cannot be forgotten This is the island gave us Raul Julia and Lucecita Benitez Oller Tufiño and Campeche Rafael Hernández and Julia de Burgos Rita Moreno and Luis Fonsi and Residente and the list goes on and on Artists entertain inspire heal give voice to the voiceless call out injustice and keep us in touch with our humanity So we're gonna have their backs Happy Sunday A Sunday tweet From 35000 feet httpstcoP0PW5RakEQ Meme

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