nothing human-is-alien-to-me I'm a nurse in a large city hospital A couple of weeks ago I watched a 47-year-old black woman get intubated which btw we only do to prevent immediate death because she couldn't afford her asthma medication I've seen multiple immigrants of color lose limbs because they couldn't afford insulin I've seen multiple young people of color dying of AIDS because they can't afford antiretrovirals And non-healthcare workers will say to me People don't die of AIDS anymore or asthma or diabetes We have medicine for that And it makes me want to scream and cry and vomit all at once because ADVANCES IN MEDICINE ONLY HELP IF PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO THEM Do you have any idea how cruel it is to tell a 30-year-old mother of five that lots of people live with HIV for decades when her CD4 count is 28 and she's gone blind from an eye infection? Literally fuck every single politician who has ever denied anyone healthcare Make them do my job for one fucking week so they have to look at the people they're killing and listen to them cry Meme

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