NOTICE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHILE YOU CELEBRATED ON NEW YEAR'S EVE OBAMA STOLE YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS December 20u Under the disguise of fighting wterrorismm Obama signed in Defense Authorization Act giving the fede military the American this unprecedented seizure of powe and dangerous president in US history eliminated both the and the writ of habeas corpus Even the ACLU was shocked as department! We now live in an Argentina of the 1970s whe almost supreme power over our lives and freedoms Obama sai won't use this power should you believe him No the NDAA freedom act ever signed into American law and the complicit n unnoticed WELCOME TO THE NEWLY CREATED UNION STATES OF AMERICA A LAND WHERE Obama is actively creating a populace ever more POVERTY IS REWARDED slavishly dependent on the federal government for welfare health c stamps and unemployment success s PUNISHED In the guise of fairness the president has openly declared war on those who have worked hard all their lives to achieve the American Dream He treats radical Islamists in the Middle East like friends then stiffs Israel and Western European allies While Obama makes a show of using roud Navy SEALs as a publicity stunt the overall strength of the military has een decimate OUH BoER DER DESoENDs TNT eo CHAos While his Fast and Furious program weaponizes the border Obama attacks states for firmly enforcing immigration law S CORPORATIONS AND ORONTES MAKE orm wuTH ALL HE wn ALERI As the economy flatlines Obama rewards his most deep-pocketed campaign donors and allies with fat grants and contracts Trickle Down Tyranny is the one book you need to stop this emerging dictatorship before we all lose all of our constitutional God-given rights These 300 pages show And what we you the dangerous laws and power grabs of the Obama regime can do to stop this leftist gang from seizing another term in office I love seeing stupid books in bookstores Meme

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