November 17 2018 - Multi level marketing is such a pain in the A$$! As soon as they see mlm they think scam! It's pretty sad there are a lot of great products out there that can be shared with so many people but the culture is tainted with negative judgements because not everyone canor wants to build a business! And that's the only way you make money is by bringing on more people! People can't keep up with themselves what makes you think I will keep up with them? So my response to MLM is I'm not good at mlm Oh I understand Not good in which part? she questioned me I don't like to herd people and form a cult to make money I answered No worries you can still make money on the bottles sold! she replied! So I purchased a distributor package with as many bottles as I could to use it and sale them at retail! Then I called dental practices and had the doctors do the same So the dentist or hygienist is able to talk about it during the patient immediately And there is no suggestion to mlm! cleaning and sell it to Suddenly the gel just shines and everyone loves to try it No more stressing! They all want to talk about it and the results!!! Suddenly it's exciting again! I've gained strength and lost weight!! more I feel amazing and positive! And it's not the new Wow so professional using Dentist's Meme

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