November 25 18701 Have come across such a glorious book called 'Boys Play Book of Science Am going to read it through and see if whether ain't some experiments Bess and I can try Won't it be jolly if we really can? But it takes money money money even for the privilege of blowing one's self up When I got home I found that Netty had thrown away our tongue and eyes and worst of all woe woe is me that our skeleton that had taken us 3 mortal hours to şet had fallen out of the window and smashed Oh Science! Why will thou not protect thy votaries? worshippers In the afternoon lolled around learnt Greek and sewed everlasting slippers Bess said when she told her father about our getting the mouse he looked grave and said Bessie Bessie thee is losing all thy feminine traits I'm afraid I haven't got any to lose for I greatly prefer cutting up mice to sewing emmawriter lauraroselam rhube prairie-homo-companion this is from a real diary by a 13-year-old girl in 1870 teenage girls are awesome and they’ve always been that way Read this - oh my goodness this girl was wonderful Where can I read this in full? It’s from Real American Girls Tell Their Own Stories and that particular section is by Martha Carey Thomas who grew up to be a suffragist linguist and renowned educator as well as a badass lesbian Meme

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