Now available for adoption Louise LuLu Lulu is a young lab mix pup No known health concerns From her foster Lulu gets along great with dogs in general A buddy had her dog over and they got on fine She's left my parrot alone And she showed little interest in the rabbit that got inside the fence good thing my Lab didn't see it We've had people over playing boardgames and she loved all of them and crawled in a few laps Lulu likes Exclusive brand dog food TREATS green beans TREATS peas with a dollop of mashed potato TREATS to sleep between your feet to curl up next to you on the couch to be petted and talked to to play outside is basically housebroken but you have to watch for her signals to sit for food and treats actually great with the sit command working on 'give paw' to shred stuffed toys to get at the squeakers inside Lulu loves balls especially tennis balls and she'll bring them back to you I recommend TOUGH dog toys Kong makes some that she has not broken Also Nylabones she hasn't broken those and loves to chew on them She needs an assortment of toys to pick through as she is a puppy and must have a variety to hold her interest Located in Decatur Illinois Adoption fee $100 Please read the pinned post for adoption requirements Meme

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