NTAALNPN AN CHEERS TO RE R RIBS o CHHR YO 3AUCE UNCHBREA HONEY CHPOTLE ntINAL DRY RUB BACON RANC E BAHL AS NDAY FEIDAY N e KEN ENCHILADA SOUP N AND $8 COMBOS ohe boverge c BATTERED o CRISPERS ANGRY ORCHARD 190 cal MICHELB ULTRA90 MILLER ILITED10 call CEN QUESADILLAS1370 cal io oSE A STAmEr BLUE MOON®170 cal ALL-NATURAL 100% WHITE MEAT CHICKEN N FRESH MEX BOWL 910 cal SERVED WTH CORN ON THE COB& RIES BUD LIGHT®110 cal MODELOESPECIAG E UPGRADE TO ROASTED STREET CORN100 ladd 210 cal 4LAD T TACOS 1930 cal ps & salsa SAMUEL ADAMS BOSTON LI C ORIGINAL 1320 ca Served with honey-mustard1089 RUDWEISER®150 cal TACOS930 cal hips & salsa 180 calI DHEN S COORS LIGHT®100 cal CRISPY 1450-1590 ca Served with choice of honey-mustard B80 sauce or hOuse-made ranch 1069 CRISPY BUFFALD BLEUL1920 cal Served with bley cheese L19 CORONA® EXTRA 160 cal CORONA@ LIGHT 110 cal SIERRA NEVADAD 1PA 240 PTATO SOU ADD A MINI $249 MOLTEN CAKE 570 cal STANABLE GESTRY TIATIVE SIERRA NEVADA PALE ALE STELLA ARTOISO 50 carl with E Cabernet Sauvigno VEN DAKSCabernet Sauvignon nns EQUIS® LAGER 130 cal CRISPY HONEY-CHIPOTIE 1760 ca Served with house-made ranch 1069 ain of Custody nable Forastry O'DOUL' SO nonaico NCH 899 940 cal HEINEKEN® 140 cal stiprogramorg CELO1842 SGRILL Te JACK UP YOUR FAJITAS WITH WHITE QUESO & PICO+100 add 70 cal BUD LIGHT HICKEN ALL THE FLAVOR FOR 630 CALORIES OR JITAS e TM630 cal Ican rice black beans 1219 jto your table with chipotle butter cilantro opers & onions Served with Mexican rice eans and flour tortillas Substitute flour natural corn tortillas minus 140 cal 490 cal o glaze Topped with chopped mango cado Served withn Mexicanrice Sli 1189 CALORIES PER DAY IS USED FOR GENERAL NUTRITION ADVICEBUT CALORIENEEDS VARY KL COLA ZEROSUGAR SPRITE MINUTE MAID & DASANI ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF THE COCA-COL mole sour cream ico salsa & shredded included on the side add 330 call SAO ER20 TRADEMARK OF DR PEPPERSEVEN UP INC USED UNDER LICENSESELECTIONS MAY VARY BY LOCATION EN SALAD 430 cal COrn &black bean salsa shredded cheese ANCHOSALMON ey-lime vinaigrette 1099 LASSIC SIRLOIN WITH GRILLED AVOCADO 330 cal soned & topped wNith spicy citrus-chile sauce illed avocado slicescilantro and picoServed with roasted asparagus 1249 ANCHO SALM Chips & salsa with a side Caesar or house salad and a bowl of soup Loaded Baked Potato Soup The Original Chili+100 ABLE WITH DASANI OR ROOT BEER Seared ch citrus-c 89 With M Choose from -Chicken Enchilada Soup -Southwest Chicken Soup 2000 CALORIES PER DAY IS USED FOR GENERALNUTRITION ADVICE BUT CA NOTICEMAY BE COOKED TO ORDER CONSUMINGRAW OR UNDERCOOKED MEATSPOULTRY SEAFOOD OF FOODBORNE ILLNESS ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAE CERTAINN MEDICAL CONDITIONS APPROXIMATE P ENERAL NUTRITION ADVICE BUT CALORIE NEEDS VARY AILABLE UPON REQUEST 2MOUTH OPEN 3FINS ARE A PRIMARY GU 4SWIMMING THE SAME DIREG AS THE SUBMARIME 5NOT LARGE oUR SERVER OR MANAGER IF A PERSON IN YOUR PARTY HAS A FOOD ALLERGY AS COMMON OIL FRYING MAY ALLOWCONTACT AMONG VARIOUS FOOD ITEMS LYALLERGEN-FREE 1HAS AN D eIChardonnay A eo 0931LU 08801 TITO'SOD PUNCH CAPTAIN TEAS LESOVIRERRO d Rum Sours mixed fresh PREMIL nre UM LONG ISLAND ICED TEA orE renacn nco quilk Gin SVEDKA Voc BA ka & P NANBUs sAUTS Dr VARY NOO OLEOIONN 327HO 77NCNHIOD This Chili's menu Meme

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