o 0 O Donate Here httpsformjotformcom62515464648159 We have an exciting new program at South of the Bully the SOTB Maternity Ward! So often shelters call us with pregnant mommas but family fosters are hard to find so we can only take a small fraction of the mommas who desperately need our help Where there's a problem SOTB vollies find a solution! A few weeks back a small army of SOTB volunteers got together rented a UHaul and set about building a safe secure and cozy maternity ward so we could take in a momma who desperately needed our help Momma Blossom had her beautiful babies in the shelter and sadly only 2 of the little darlings survived the experience Blossom and her babies were quickly moved to our new maternity ward and are absolutely thriving under the care of our dedicated volunteers As the saying goes if you build it they will come! Soon our second momma-to-be was sprung from the shelter to take up residence in the maternity ward and she'll be having her babies very soon! Momma Diva is a gorgeous red tri color we can't wait to see what color her babies are! As with any large effort we definitely need community help Building the maternity ward was not an inexpensive venture and the costs involved in raising the babies then fully vetting everyone is definitely nothing to sneeze at! Food puppy pads vaccines towels spaysneuters toys laundry soap paper towels garbage bags it all adds up for sure Here's where you come in! We need your help with donations of supplies gift cards and good ol fashioned cash The general fund took a bit of a hit setting everything up so we're going to shamelessly beg for your tax deductible donations every little bit helps! Got supplies or gift cards to donate? We love those too! You can paypal using the Donate button here or by sending directly to southofthebully@gmailcom Contacting someone to donate supplies can also be done by emailing southofthebully@gmailcom We love the support that we get from the community and try not to ask for much but we could really use a hand right now so please share far and wide! Thank you as always for your generous support of our mission! Follow their story @ #SOTBmaternityward Meme

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