O 27% 142 2nd EDIT A few FAQ's • No its not like Breaking Bad - we couldnt do that • Salary starts at £12k a year to train top of pay scale of experienced controllers is like £110k+ • I dont really have any tips for how to succeed and I couldnt tell you anyway I'm afraid All publically available knowledge is available on wikipedia and forums though • No I do not know where MH370 is Please feel free to check the responses I had no idea how many replies I would get thanks for your time in reading Most questions have been answered in there somewhere Any further questions feel free to inbox me Наpрy flying! EDIT 3 I have been made aware that some information I provided regarding a video of the A-SMGCS and voice overlay was not in fact an official release I'm told it was infact supplied to the crew who made their own decision to upload it The video is not owned by me nor am I responsible for it The video is still available to view on YouTube if you search for it and my sincerest apologies for any offence caused My view that the controller that day was and is a credit to the profession remains 3481 points 2024 comments yore_ 366 points 4 years ago I am a chinese girl And i am not really know what things does an Air Traffic Controller supposed to do? GhengisYan 3 points 4 years ago I died VIEW POST Viewing a single thread Wind sun and nearby city v Adive energy to couple living Open Air Traffic Control Meme

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