O 40% l Verizon LTE 746 AM М Mom > They are not full of chemicals and ingredients we don't know how to pronounce They taste better They don't make you feel like you've been sucking on crap The onguard is a healing agent so it helps heal what's not right instead of just masking it Just because you don't like the business model of a company does not make their product crap For years you've used it and gotten better faster and felt good Now you won't So you can make your own decisions That's fine But when you have to go to the doctor or you're not getting better faster it's on you I'm trying to help You don't want it A visit to the doctor if you're not better in the next few days is going to run you about $100 You can try the teledoc and see if they can help cause it's cheaper But if it's more than they can do you'll still have to go to the doctor iMessage Pay O I have a sore throat and my mom is trying to get me to take onguard pills and cough drops i told her i was just going to buy some from walmart and that i didn’t believe in the companyproduct and she sent me an essay Meme

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