O 84% 236 Sprint LTE 4 2 hrs My daughter 2 yrs old fell off the couch last night She fell straight on her head About a 3 to 4 foot fall I picked her up and brought her outside She acted as she couldn't breath Like she got the wind knocked out of her badly she quit breathing and went limp then stiff & her eyes rolled back I was giving her breaths we layed her down and she had a heartbeat She then took a breath and slowly came back She was a bit confused but she knew who she was and answered all the questions I asked her perfectly She ate great for dinner & She's been fine since It happened at 6pm last night We had her stay up til about 1030 and she slept fine next to us We did call 911 and they came and checked her out When they got here she was awake and doing fine They said she looked fine but they advised we get her to a specialist to check out her brain I'm very scared! Is this something we should take to a neurologist? We don't really have a pediatrician We are taking her to the ER now She has had an episode like this before When she had the whooping cough she coughed so hard she lost breath and had a Similar episode When she gets really mad or sad or emotional she'll hold her breath and have like a mini episode compared to these ones Anyone delt with anything similar???? I'm so scared My 2 yr old stopped breathing are y'all sure I should see a dr??? Meme

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