O&-A ask his followers questions like Does anyone Lorde know where I can get a Persian rug with cher- ubs on it? Like people had any idea! Your Twitter is always fun to read A few days ago you wrote C'mon acne don't do this now What was going on? I had a huge breakout obviously I was just about to go to New York for all these photo shoots and I was just not not ready You're still in high school Do your parents want you to go back to class? They definitely want me to go It's pretty important to them But being able to do this full-time it's the first time in a long time I've been able to sleep and feel like my brain is turned off Because I'm tired at night and I never used to be when I was going to school Now that you have a hlt lots of blg-name producers will want to work with you Does that interest you? For me the coolest thing about havinga hit record is that people whose Wikipedia page I've pretty much memorized want to have breakfast with me Like who? On meeting Kanye skipping school and being bored and famous By Rob Tannenbaum LLA YELICH-O'CONNOR THE 16-year-old pop star known better as Lorde wrote a hit song by making fun of hit songs Royals - the centerpiece of her debut album Pure Heroine - mocks rappers' obsessions with cars and jewels and this month the New Zealand teen's song beat out Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to reach Number One on Billboard's Hot 100 It wasn't overtly sociopolitical says Lorde the e is silent calling in dur- ing a break from her first US tour I was writing something I thought was a bit silly I'm one sarcastic wry per- son most of the time I don't know if I can say because people might get annoyed People get annoyed at me a lot these days I run my mouth a lot You mean like when you told ROLLING STONE that Selena This might be a weird question -I don't know if anyone ever feels their real age But do you feel 16? That's one of those questions I get asked in every interview and every- one precedes it with the kind of thing you've just said OK let's pretend I didn't ask it Mmm I don't know if I want to let you off the hook like that! Either let me off the hook or Gomez's Come and Get It Is an antl-feminist song and then her fans posted mean comments about you? Yeah that's one time I didn't censor myself very well I don't regret it at all but the wrath of a huge fan base is never a walk in the park answer the question Yes I feel like I'm 16 How else am I supposed to feel? Should I say I feel like I'm in the womb? Someone on Twitter asked you On a scale of one to 10 how bored are you of hearing the phrase 'only 16'? You retweeted it but didn't answer So? How bored are you? Laughs I'm going to say a solid seven Peo- ple will be super-fucking patronizing and talk to me as though I'm a child and I can't make any of my own decisions What were you llstening to when you wrote Royals? A lot of hip-hop What kept hitting me was the complete lack of anything that related to me and my friends We were going to weird house parties having to walk home after these really fucking seedy nights It was like why is no one talking about this? On your new song Team you sing I'm kind of You must have seen the clip of Gomez covering Royals at a concert What did you think? Pause I thought it was cool I liked the wind ma- chine And she did something interesting with the chords A few weeks ago you performed on Later With Jools Holland in London and Kanye was on the same show Did you meet him? Yeah we had a chat My keyboardist and drum- mer had walked over to Kanye's sound guy When Kanye started walking over to me they were walking backward shaking his hand with wide-eyed ridic- ulous looks on their faces He said he liked the mes- sages in my songs which was cool I was saying to myself Keep cool This is normal What was your first impression of him? He's a really mellow dude - super-relaxed He had this big old grill and I wanted to touch it but I restrained myself I don't know maybe he would have been OK with that Laughs No I don't know if anybody would be OK with a stranger having a finger in their mouth over gettin' told to throw my hands up in the air Do you hate hip-hop or something? Part of me is always irked by the extravagant culture of hip-hop but it's also so much fun Like I loved when Kanye had a Twitter because he'd 30 Meme

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