O Him God They yeet -no caption -sends their work into the abyss with no fear -probably had a knife-fight with Satan behind Mcdonalds -you kind of scare me? -extra short caption -uses anywhere from exactly one word -to three five on a good day -had to do it to em -only meme references or vine quotes -or some completely random unrelated topic -the cool slightly edgy artist everyone loves 0 farmer 20 an honest farmer help them -captions their art with something simple -short ramble abt their work might talk a bit abt their personal life -valid -long ramble about why they wanted to draw the thing -talking about the art excitedly -talking about their process in great detail -extra valid -idk how to caption this -idk what to put here -i ran out of things to caption -probably uses lol and Imao otter pop my bad WIP -uses a song title song lyrics -all about that aesthetic* -quotes lines from the media their arts about -uses emojis sometimes -here's another WIP! posts lots of sketches all the time which is fine -pls let me see ur final drawings more though' -i forgot to post this lol -almost forgot to share this! -ive been working on this 4 a few months -whoops emoji0 CAPS ALWAYS YELLING REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC ABT THEIR FAVES -SOMETIMES ONLY USES A FEW WORDS FOR THE CAPTION -that's it just emojis -also here for the aestheticTM -you either honestly don't know what to caption your stuff with -or you're the one horny artist that spams these0 -you alright fam? carlysins fellow artists…which ones do you do the most when you caption your work? im yeet otter pop and help them Meme

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