O LTE 38% 902 Replies YEP I was honestly single my sophomore and junior year of college after my boyfriend at the time cheated on me I was only taken a year and a half! People had all the time in the world to swoop in if they wanted to lol 12ל Like Reply 8h T remember back in 2000 when I was engaged or even late 99 when I started dating this woman all of a sudden people from work guys wanted me to go to the strip club with them I responded back where the hell was this attitude when I was single I knew that they were just trying to get me into trouble and when I use to go to strip clubs I liked going by myself because then I get to see myself not around some guys acting a pig and I got to see my awesome gentleman self and a few of the dancers liked that about me because they would get regular customers who act like total perverts one lady when I went asked me if she could dance with her longer and I of course said yes she felt safe around me In spite i was in a place that would be considered degrading I still believe in acting like my gentleman self the other thing that annoyed me is people were trying to fix me up while I was in a relationship and this was a long distance relationship I responded you all and I wanted to say morons seen all those months I was single and had no one and now I have someone and you want to fix me up get out of here I replied If you ever did become single and I wasn't taken I feel you would be an awesome lady to date that is only if you were interested too Write a repl GIF Even strippers think he's a gentleman Meme

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