O Mobile · 21h ago This account is ALWAYS online 1230 PM Неу Great to connect on here and it seems like we certainly have a number of friends in common! I'm going to be a bit of an opportunist and wanted to let you know I've just recently come out of corporate life and am 2 years into enjoying a more chilled life balance working for myself I guess I am a network marketer now! I Was hugely sceptical about the industry when I first got approached but I have been pleasantly surprised I love it! I represent two companies that complement each other one a global leader in the health and wellness space called Isagenix and more recently an online tech start up with an incredible portal specialising in online travel with never before seen 'behind the curtain' discounts on hotels rental cars holidays etc called iBuumerang You make money on the savings your clients make on their bookings it's a brilliant concept! My businesses have built quickly and you can basically do as much or as a little work as you like The side hustle as l'm sure you well know is becoming increasingly popular and is a terrific way to supplement your own income Would you be open to taking a look? If you don't have the time or inclination to take on a side hustle it may be that you have some personal health goals and want to get started on our superfood nutritional products as a customer the products are hugely effective if you are looking to lose weight gain weight or an athlete or gym goer looking to improve overall health energy and performance If that is not for you perhaps you have a trip coming up and are looking to save some cash on hotels rental cars and flights – for this I simply send you a code for free access to our unique online portal Let me know what most resonates and ping me your email and l'll send you some information to consider on one or both opportunities! We can then schedule a call to discuss further if it appeals Warmest regards Email and Instagram yes it's a typical MLM insta 346 PM This is a pyramid scheme I am not getting involved and I suggest you consider leaving too as it is financially irresponsible I don't know where you get the idea that I a job seeker on LinkedIn is looking to pay for a holiday flight right now I would rather go to therapy than pay for a 'healthy lifestyle' within a pyramid schemeMLM Though I am not certain you are not a bot to begin with Hello If you took the time to look at my profile rather than being so judgemental you will see my reputation and integrity is everything to me and I wouldn't ever be involved in anything that was remotely dodgy! Your tone is not very kind Pyramid schemes were outlawed about 20 years ago MLM's are amongst the most successful companies in the world It's true they are not for everyone but a simple no thank you would have sufficed! iBuumerang is in the fastest growing top 10 globally! Bill Gates Richard Branson Warren Buffet are all massive advocates of MLM's so perhaps get your facts before you send out such a rude unkind and dismissive message 432 PM Come tell me all that when MLMS are outlawed for being Pyramid schemes as many of them have been sued for using Pyramid Scheme strategies Whether they are currently legal or not does not change my mind on the fact no legal job should require you to pay to get the job and have no standard salary If it's structured like a pyramid scheme acts like one and causes financial debt of the members it does not matter to me if it is legally recognized as a pyramid scheme it acts like one and am not interested I should also remind you that Link for MLMS for a reason and I believe your attempt to contact me through private messaging with an illegitimate to LinkedIn's TO and in my opinion job offering is in violation of that If LinkedIn Iln's TOS refuse job postings does not allow those job posting that should be an indicator in it's own • 435 PM Wo I get all my clients through here and in two years I have never had such a negative horrid message Good luck to you Robin Everyone deserves a chance to make a living No one is being violated here and there is no harm in posting on Linked in at all it's a great forum for me I will try and lot let your scathing comments get to me Very unkind indeed 438 PM What is the exact salary for all the people you recruited? Write a message GIF Send Recent viewed your profile 2m See all views Even on LinkedIn Meme

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