Gif, Hello, and Lol: O O 4t 111 30%
 11:21 AM
 Hello and thank you for matching
 with Nate. Please choose from the
 following list of options:
 Option 1: Generic greeting
 Option 2: Gif
 Option 3: Cheesy pick up line
 If you have any further questions or in
 quiries please press O to be contacted
 by an agent or a member of our team
 Lol what? ls this a legit automatic
 That number is not recognized
 Omg! Too much! I'm pressing O. Let
 me speak to your manager.
 You've selected O. Please provide a
 number to reach you at and a agent
 will be in contact with you as soon as
 Today 11:21 AM
 Type a message...
Nobody has picked option 3 before.

Nobody has picked option 3 before.