O Shit Storm 060318Sun130457 No601148252260117335 File nrgjpg 122 KB 600x600 >Be me >Be yesterday Have very first one shot with group of four great friends Roll up a Storm Sorcerer >My other friend rolls a two for intelligence great >Decide that he's my retarded man slave fighter Friend agrees Other not gm friend decides to be a bard rolls up 4 straight 18's >Game based on Norse mythology so we gotta go and kill odin or something of the quest Bard convinces Slave to betray us just before we're about to fight Odin and are outside of giant magnificent mahogany doors as he assumes that we were at the end Epic 2 hour fight ensues >Flying all over the place firing lightning spells and thunderclaps everywhere >Thunderclap man slave to prone >James bond style shoot him in the forehead with crossbow >Just me and Bardman >Cast chromatic orb at bard man >Crit failure on save >He fucking explodes with electric energy >Dm groans >Dm said that throughout the campaign he decided it'd be fun to have a bunch of highly improbable situations that after the end of the game he would tell us about and we would laugh and wonder what if? ohshitithingiunderstandpdf >Dm says that this was one of the situations >Odin bursts the doors opens and stares me down >he gestures for me to follow him >He says that he has grown tired and weak and that he's needed a successor >He thinks that my gallantry and prowess in combat are impressive >He wants me to be Odin 2 electric boogaloo >Become ruler of the 9 realms >Ruin Dm's plans for future campaigns We all had a really good time Except the bard he was kind of upset that I beat him Meme

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