O ZEZHOU-ZEZHOUCHENCOM、シ 2080r thekingoforzammar imonlyadumpling uzume-tennouboshi-official rynnay tricksterlesbian belleandwhistle onion-souls theamazingdigitalart Gift by Zezhou Chen “No Prometheus-looking motherfucker is coming into my town and offering me a fucking stick! You’re lucky these old fuckers are holding me back I swear to God!” ok but pLEAAAAAAAAAASE scroll down and see the process gifs i’m losing my mind over the original sketch for this the real star of this piece Okay but this applies to all of this artist’s drawings apparently because look at the wolf specifically y’all i love this?? Inspirational tbh I love how the dude with the stick in the original sketch is giving them the middle finger Meme

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