O0 Dany Thu Nov 9 929 PM Ok new approach choose a number- letter combination eg C3 A roses are red style poem B limerick C iambic pentameter sonnet D something in a foreign language 1 Standard form ice-breaking comment 2 Sexually lewd pickup line 3 Self-deprecating comment 4 my best impression of a Tinder spam bot Wednesday 825 PM A1 Wednesday 1156 PM Dragons are red And dragons are blue And in Game of Thrones Dany's dragons are new Winterfell's gray The capitol's red And every main character's Probably dead Qarth is surrounded By red dust and bones But thankfully real life Is not Game of Thrones So meet up with Drew For beers andor rum It won't take 6 seasons For Dany to come Today 1210 PM Dany sent GIF Vbe a mnessade The name was an opportunity I couldnt ignore Meme

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