o00 Sprint 6% 602 PM < Tweet marie Marie Claire daire @marieclaire Kim Kardashian Blames Herself for the Paris Attack bitly2dwjM3w 10516 636 PM 105 RETWEETS 258 LIKES @jennersaint 22h @marieclaire nooooo Reply to Marie Claire Notifications Home Moments Messages Мe will @SUNPRINCE this is what happens when yall constantly blame women for every single thing even when they're the victim fuck y twittercomiweb status7 Marie Claire @marieclaire Kim Kardashian Blames Herself for the Paris Attack bitly2dwjM3w 10616 1121 AM 2664 RETWEETS 2822 LIKES TMZ TMZ @TMZ Kim Kardashian -- My Wealth Won't Be in Your Face Anymore Kim Kardashian -- My Wealth Won't Be in Your Face Anymore tmzcom 10616 245 PM Kim Kardashian has found God at a 2262 discount - because after the robbery wealth will no longer be the driver of her brand Sources close to Kim tell us she actually agrees with critics who say she put a target on her back by flaunting her wealth and jewelry on social media A number of people have been critical of Kim for posing with her $45 million diamond ring in the apartment shortly before the hit We're told Kim is taking a month off work and when she returns she's pulling back in a big way on social media She won't be displaying her personal wealth and she'll even be less ostentatious with the promotion of her fashion Kim has been rocked to her core after being tied up with a gun to her head She's saying privately Material things mean nothing It's not all about the money adding It's not worth it misscatholmes nerdycommunity igglooaustralia Wow y'all really have Kim out here thinking that this is all her fault That she deserved to be dragged out of her bed in the middle of the night tied up and thrown into a bathtub scared for her life because of her wealth This “well she shouldn’t have…” done this or that victim-blaming mentality has absolutely got to stop No one is doing this to you guys when you post whatever it is that you just got on IG I don’t care how much you don’t like The Kardashians Celebrities are humans too and people should be able to have their belongings in peace no matter how wealthy or poor No one should be scared to live their life ^^ What annoys me is that no one ever tells males to stop flaunting their wealth ever Do people tell Lil Wayne or Eminem to not flash their expensive shit? No I’m not a Kardashian fan at all but she didn’t deserve this No one does Meme

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