o0o AT&T 1008 PM a googlecom MAY IT PLEASE THE COURT Ted Cruz Doesn't Believe You Have the Right to Masturbate There is no substantive-due-process right to stimulate one's genitals his legal team argued BY TINA NGUYEN APRIL 14 2016 310 PM By Kyle RivasGetty Images e1005 PM Follow Ted Cruz e @tedcruz Father of two @heidiscruz's husband fighter for liberty Representing the great state of Texas in the US Senate O Houston Texas tedcruzorg Born on December 22 7740 Following 3M Followers Iwe ets Tweets& replies Media Likes sexuall Posts ⓘ @SexuallPosts 1d 210 REALITYKINGSCOM 708 251 1085 moontouched-moogle lawdhavemercychil3 What is the truth Ted? Ted psychically manipulates his chi for a hands-free nut Meme

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