O1137 lancerbuck billysquirrel Followw just-shower-thoughts Mammals both produce milk and have hain Ergo a coconut is a mammal maliwanhellfires I know you're being facetious but this is an actual issue with morphology-based phylogeny castiel-for-king Deactivated *leans over and whispers to person beside me* what are they talking about sonneillonv leans over and whispers back* Human ability to quantify and categorize natural phenomena is sketchy at best and wildly misleading at worst nonlinear-nonsubjective consider the coconut bemusedlybespectacled this reminds me of that time Plato defined humans as featherless bipeds and Diogenes ran in with a plucked chicken screaming BEHOLD A MAN! erotic-yoddeling i love how you say it reminds me of that time like you were there heartgemsona listen if an immortal feels brave and supported enough to come out we should respect them This post is a journey virtuous-thing 1 Reblog 1 Respect dovewithscales I maintain that humans started attempting classify animals and some god or another made the platypus and is still laughing messy-scandinoodle Zeus *hits joint* okay so like It's gonna have a duck bill right But an otter body okay? And then a beaver tail It's a mammal But It lays eggs! Hades wait wait dude Give it Give it poison Make it poisonous dovewithscales Athena You mean venomous and make sure the eggs have both reptile and bird traits Hermes *takes the joint* Give it extra senses Poseidon It should be aquatic hyratel I MEAN where's the lie dovewithscales Demeter And where exactly do you expect me to put this? Everyone Australia pepoluan This thread goes every which way and is a glorious thing begat by Tumblr 337354 notes But where did you get the coconuts? Meme

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