OBs A OBs V 918 PM VOLTE LTE urd2108200O Dec 12 2019 1749 Children are so fucking annoying PewDiePie is correct when he says all children should be sent to the Ranch -36 uHannahbalLector Dec 12 2019 1754 Children are usually only fucking annoying when they are raised by shitty parents like these people who don't have the balls to tell their kid “NO 24 uFiveinchtaint11 Dec 12 2019 1755 You actually listen to that cock stain? 16 Dec 12 2019 1758 urd2108200O Exactly not every child is annoying that's why they should be sent to the ranch so that only the smartest make it to the society not these little pricks -15 uProlyonToilet Dec 12 2019 1941 Yes the voice that should guide society PewDiePie Jesus I hope you are voluntarily sterile 11 urd2108200O Dec 12 2019 2104 I am not saying we should listen to everything he says He say things because they are funny not because they are true say things because they are funny not because they are true But I think there is point when he says send all of them to the RANCH I am not saying that we should actually send children to the ranch and neither is he saying that IT'S A JOKE But there should be rules concerning children they are not just miniature adults and specifically in places where their presence might make experience of other people less pleasant They obviously can't be quite and well mannered and they don't have to but they don't want to watch an IMAX 4D movie either You are only making them more miserable by taking to places where they can't do stuff have have kids take them to places which they will enjoy like parks and rides Not in a movie theatre or a restaurant where they have to sit quietly for 2 OR MORE STRAIGHT HOURS!! They can't do that no one is benefitted when a children are in public places like that If you I have so much more to say but the TLDR is just like pets are different than human children are different than adults Just like pets aren't allowed in some places children should not be allowed in certain places too And I think people are misunderstanding me that I am taking parents side NO I am not those parents should be more responsible and by responsible I mean that not taking kids to places like these This doesn't mean they can't go out just because they have kids just don't take kids to these places and take them to places where everyone is happy -6 There was a video of a kid ruining all the sushi in a sushi train restaurant to which I commented this and tHis sAyS A LoT abOUt oUr sOciEty Meme

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