OBB?! WHAT WHAT THE HELL? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HUH?! NOTHING! WELL OKAY HUSBAND?! I DID CHOP OFF ONE OF HIS ARMS BUT THAT'S BECAUSE HE ASKED ME TO! GONNA HELP WITH THE NEED A L'IL LAST ONE AND-AND IT'S THE ONLY WAY WE'D BOTH FIT IN THE ROCKET! HE'S TURNING INTO COUGHS A FOG CREATURE! HURRK-- HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON DAMMIT! DEADPOOL! URKI DON'T MAKE ME CHEW IT FOR YOU BABY BIRD PLEASE GOD DON'T MAKE ME DO THAT THAT'S RIGHT THERE YOu GO NOM NOM MAMA'S GOT HER BOY'S SUPPER MAKE HIM BIG AND STRONG W-WHERE DID YOu GE IS IF TELL YOu DO YOu PROMISE TO KEEP EATING? allaoutdeadpool Deadpoo V2 #35 Hawkeye vs Deadpool #00 Uncanny X Force2011#4 I know I know that he can regenerate it would do no harm to him if he sacrifice his flesh to others But it is still supposed to be painful How can this guy just treat his body as nothing? dp亲妈粉的补漫日常就是心疼贱贱,漫威狗带,漫威狗带大法好(手动再见) Meme

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